Weekly timer and air filtration


Weekly Timer

The convenience of an in-built weekly timer

The standard provision of the Kirigamine ZEN indoor units includes a built-in weekly timer and a remote control.

Example of operating scheme (winter heating mode)

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6:00 ON 20°C ON 20°C ON 20°C ON 20°C ON 20°C ON 20°C ON 20°C
8:00 It automatically turns off during working hours (OFF) At noon the temperature is at its warmest thus the heating is at its lowest (ON 18°C)
18:00 Turns on automatically, synchronised with the time of return (ON 20°C) Automatically increases the temperature setting, adapting to the time when the outside temperature is at its coolest (ON 20°C)
22:00~ (night-time hours) Automatically reduces the temperature during night- times hours operating in power-saving mode (ON 18°C)

Air filtration

Kirigamine Zen neutralises bacteria, viruses, allergens and bad odours thanks to a new generation air filter consisting of oxidising high power platinum nano-particles.

Furthermore, the filter has an uneven surface that more easily traps the dust in the air: simple and regular cleaning is sufficient to maintain its efficiency for over 10 years.

An enzymes filter that combats allergies is also available upon request.

Thanks to a special catalyst on the filter filament, it traps and facilitates the decomposition of allergens normally present in homes and is able to ensure even cleaner and healthier air.